Crystal Disco - Yard Sale

I've been asked to design a poster for Concrete's Indie/electro pop night - crystal disco, which is themed upon a yard sale this time (!?) (which is actually pretty tough to think up any good concepts for. Don't even know whats going on on the night.)

Anyway it must include a Stag and a duck (technically a rubber duck.. but ill see if this is alright)

Right here's a sort of rough idea of what the poster is gonna look like, the colours are a bit dull here. Gonna have to scan it, not got enough light for photos. Some stuff is stuck down.. the crystal and the duck and deer... but none of the typography or sign... or grass... what are your thoughts please? composition/typography/style (although im pretty much sticking with this style now).

Im not liking the yard sale up at the top.. looks like the they crystal yard.. so what else?

Might try pep the colours up a bit when i get a better scan too.

I've been really itching to get off my computer and do something analogue hence the collage. I also feel like analogue work will make me a better person,(Which is my new year's resolution, (i made it up a couple of weeks ago.))

Anyway yeah gimme some help ya?


Robbie said...

If youre going to do a cool looking collage thing, why not make a collage of shit loads of junk that people might sell at a "yard sale" (not that we have those? whatevs). Plus then obviously you could put funny stuff in there like giant bananas or that gold and white enamel statue of michael jackson.

One way or another, i think theres needs to be either a tighter layout with this number of different components, or sticking with this looser layout with the volume turned up a fair bit, if you see what i mean.

Hope that gives you some ideas!

I am said...

I did think about the whole pile of stuff thing, (the very same statue too), but i couldn't decide what to put in it or how to do it... pogs and hungry hippos and a soda stream maybe... but then i dunno just didnt like the pile of stuff idea just turned into a pile of stuff with all different connotations and not what i wanted... not that this is fully immersing the viewer into a yard sale scenario.

Totally get what you mean about the tighter layout and too many components thing... i've proper noticed all the different shit on it gonna strip back to a more minimal style of typography for the details i think, try that out. But i do quite like the deer and duck and crystal bit... so gonna stick with that... or do you think thats weak? ( just a poster too. want to have this done by tomorrow)

Many thanks dude.

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