your watching lost and found

Just found this picture from some development work for a mapping brief last year. it didnt look like this in the end but i thought id pop it up, might make a poster out of this in the future, could be good for a skate jam or something.

paris last year

i went to paris last year.. i love it, i want to live there.


4 of the ideas for the ep designs for my friends' band.
these are still quite rough. I like the type set in the simple block of white.

Hi, welcome back.

I've not updated in a little while, oh well.

Here's some experiments with squared paper I did a little while ago, would like to use this technique on something in the future. I know I could probably do this on a computer pretty quickly but its just better doing them for real.

I'm also working on my friends' ep cover design at the moment so expect that up here pretty soon. I've also almost finished my portfolio website, so hopefully have that done soon too.