I wish they weren't, but


some photoshop experiments, dudes

& tv animation

Ampersand from Graham Anderson on Vimeo.

tryin to figure out an identity for this channel .. im likin this go teamy style, its too bright though, the channel shows more drama based stuff, so i need to drama it up a bit i guess. but i think i could still use the cut out collage style

& TV

Just a bit of development for dis project im workin on over christmas, this will prob not end up in the final project though .. unfortunately.


Two posters about freedom of speech

I think these two are my favourite, but there are lots of other good ones Here

Objects, Fonts and a Fan.

Pretty smart product design from James Dyson. A bladeless fan Have you guys seen "Objectified" yet? its well good, not as good as helvetica though, y cant beat when Erik Spiekermann rips into helvetica.. (its a total nightmare .. HELLO?)

Two films i recommend


random illustrator experiments

Think these are the best 2 pictures in the world

Google Earth

I've walked past this place.. but i didnt feel the urge to climb it.

Type experomenteee

And another. pretty much the same idea

Type Experiment

Says GRAHAM btw :)