started eating my eggs with toffee sauce.

new logos

would probably not apply them all together like on the right. But i like that they can combine to make something harmonious and meaningful. colour combos have been such a dick on this project.


right was told they looked too estate agency-e so tried to hardware/man them up a bit. Black version of Typeface and angles instead of round. The top one is where i have arrived at. I think it's finished?


For a handy-man who does this sort of work.

A house and an upwards arrow.
Are they too simple or do they work?
3D or 2D?
Wanted to steer clear of bricks and pipes and taps etc.

Love will tear us apart.




I prefer these colours too

identity project.

Larch Cottage Nurseries.
3 businesses in one.
Which way up looks more like flowers?

some beeetals

rocketted off

rocketted off on my bicycle today. really getting into it. went at least 20 miles
maybe further : )
This is a mistake I tell you. This is a dreadful mistake.


Some development work from an unfinished istd project. It's the entire song converted into binary. I'm quite fond of it.

My friends and I are pretty ugly today.





Drew these without looking at the page. Think it's really quite interesting how some features are actually very similar to the person. (Just in the wrong place.)

(Also like how they are similar to shredder from the last post.


love this guy. saw him last year at edinburgh festival. and im going to see him again this year. awesome.

happy song

i love being on holiday. wish i was on one right now. singing happy songs.