sketchbook imagery loosely based on Jewels (and i suppose to get art farty about it id say you could associate them with memories as well. The idea that you have little bits of memories, with bits blocked out. (and that you should treasure them like jewels yeah. hahaha. watever))

Not to state the obvious but,

Never Mind the Buzzcocks, with Simon Amstell, one of the best things ever.


and 2001 for some reason? oh well.

Because it's friday and I love it...

decided to do an infographic/poster for shits and giggles. : )


images for invite to restaraunt zest. tv chefs but zested up.

anthony w as a superhunk

2 fat ladies as smokin biker chicks.
why do girls have red hair at the moment?

quite enjoyed this.

made me want to get a motorcycle.
The song is about the protagonist using a ouija board to contact a dead friend. It caused some debate in the press at the time over claims it promoted occult dabbling or devil worship. Morrissey replied to these claims by retorting "The only contact I ever made with the dead was when I spoke to a journalist from The Sun."
To him was given a massive sword.

(wish it was summer forever though (but british summer which pretty much encompasses all seasons anyway))
been watching a woodlouse go around my room for about an hour now.
muhammed ali - just like a butterfly
imagine if butterflies had a sting.


my friend tom who used to skate in carlisle. now skates in newcastle (i think). just like this photo really so thought id post it.

my wardrobe.


reynolds and hsu. need to do leo and then they are my three fav parts in the vid.