I wish they weren't, but


some photoshop experiments, dudes

& tv animation

Ampersand from Graham Anderson on Vimeo.

tryin to figure out an identity for this channel .. im likin this go teamy style, its too bright though, the channel shows more drama based stuff, so i need to drama it up a bit i guess. but i think i could still use the cut out collage style

& TV

Just a bit of development for dis project im workin on over christmas, this will prob not end up in the final project though .. unfortunately.


Two posters about freedom of speech

I think these two are my favourite, but there are lots of other good ones Here

Objects, Fonts and a Fan.

Pretty smart product design from James Dyson. A bladeless fan Have you guys seen "Objectified" yet? its well good, not as good as helvetica though, y cant beat when Erik Spiekermann rips into helvetica.. (its a total nightmare .. HELLO?)

Two films i recommend


random illustrator experiments

Think these are the best 2 pictures in the world

Google Earth

I've walked past this place.. but i didnt feel the urge to climb it.

Type experomenteee

And another. pretty much the same idea

Type Experiment

Says GRAHAM btw :)


Think this is a beast .

Some awesome typography and graphic design on this site, i hope one day i will have work as impressive. and cool .. and ...cool as this....

see it hereHere
alright. Youtube binge over. Back to work.

simon's cat

"Slough" from Andrew Henderson on Vimeo.

an animation from my buddy andrew... pretty awesome like.
The Office kicks ass too obviously.


Right, I'm doing the channel x-brief for Istd. Essentially I have to name and brand a television channel. I just can not pin down a name that I like. .

top three options




The name would have to be versatile, and work with different genres and types of programme from "escapist to gritty to humanitarian to sensationalist".

I think all three of these words work in some ways as they can be associated with variety, Prism and Beam can also be associated with light. (which is a lot of what television is really.)

I think Poly sounds the best, but is it too generic, it is used a lot if you think about it, and is mainly associated with chemicals?

Prism is my top choice because it can work with the colour spectrum, show it being broken up into different sections (which could reflect the various genres) and conjures up images of geometric shapes which i could create type from. But I don't think it sounds very nice to say. I think it sounds too much like prison.

what do you think does it need to be meaningfull .. or is it a case of "whats in a name", i guess i could still do the whole splitting of colours etc with a different meaningless name???

top meaningless name ideas were GINO, yyy or iii.

anyway any thoughts would be helpful. I think i will go with PRISM if noone suggests nowt :) thanks folk.

Vauxhall and I

I 'm not usually one to listen to albums right through. (Usually shuffle through the world of music track to track, probably from watching skating videos as they do the same.) But Vauxhall and I is a beast and I recommend listening to every tune on it all as a oner as they are all brilliant. Thats all really.

The Moon

I just watched the documentary "In the Shadow of the Moon" available HERE . It reminded me that this year was the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission, when Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. After watching some of the scenes and hearing the astronauts insights it really does affect you. Not only the physical act of the people involved, but it can't help but make you think about our existence in the universe, whether it is significant or insignificant or a bit of both and how as humans we really have a lot to live up to. Pretty deep pondering I guess for a blog and for it not even being lunchtime yet, but you should definitely watch it. You will enjoy it even if you don't end up spieling rubbish on your own significant, insignificant blog.

The IT crowd

"This Jen, is the internet"


some really cool shadows stolen from google earth.

Sony Bravia from Laurent MAKOWSKI on Vimeo.

still think this is my favourite advert .. everyone knows it's amazing

Emerica design a t shirt entry. not loadsa effort here ha .. but id wear it. TIGHT

I'ts sentimental but i just really like it

ha and aww the best combination

A photoshop experiment. thought it fitted crystal castles music again.. really should stop usin them. think their name is awesome though.


macs make it waay too easy

some random image from somewhere. i think its pretty cool.

a quick ol collage of some of my favourite animals. plus a guy smoking a cigarette. the epitome of cool

think this is pretty pretty hilarious

chavs rule


don't have a cow man.

cos eyes are cool as fuck


Some photographs I've wanted to take for a while. (Between the click of the light and the start of the dream)