You're not forever*
Your not forever...

I have of late, but wherefore I know not, lost all my mirth.


Been clearing out some old folders tidying my computer a bit.. found this old poster i did for the world scrabble championships.. had a much better idea (which i might still have a go at) but the tutor advised me against it.. wish i'd just ignored him.
pubs are better than clubs every time.


Also i am aloving coffee at the moment.. lots of milk lots of sugar... its like pudding in a cup.


I had such a good time in Edinburgh, really really want to move up there.. hanging out with my friends, Pub Eats! (fajitas one day, sausage and mash the next), getting wild, watching Scotland getting dominated by Wales, Ireland by France and Italy by England... Loving the rugby at the moment.

Beast songs. Beast nights out. Beast memories. BeasT!

"'That ee off?' 'Nah, Just got here'"
"Whae are ee, The Gay Patrol?"
"Am a Batman?"
"'That's almost rape!' 'Aye, funny though.'"
"Can I interest you in this lovely red number?"
"'Do you want this?''what the cover or everything on the couch?''everything.''nah, am good.'"
"Am no gonnae be in this week, av goat a line fri the doacters. Miserable."
"I love us!!"

Squeeling Frog and Wobble Girl.

Calum wakin up.
Ascott's birthday pressie to Andrew.
Ali's two finger point!
Sher's amazing 20 question skill

Loads of smiths
Loads of beer
Loads of banter