are animals which existence is disputed by science, like the loch nest monster and the yeti. I spent pretty much the whole of yesterday wikipediaing myself to climax over them. Some of them have been proven to exist, like my favourite, the megalodon, which is a fuckin MASSIVE shark which was alive in prehistoric times, but is now extinct..seriously it was huoige. Check the pic of the guy sitting in the reconstructed jaws.. that is serious!

I got onto cryptids from looking up "the bloop" which was a mysterious noise from deep under the ocean recorded by two microphones 3000 miles apart, which apparently shows the same patterns as a living beast, although the beast would have to be larger than any other on earth to be able to make such a noise. Some freaky stuff anyway.

This isnt really important, pretty much just meant to be a ramble on how awesome i think cryptids are. so there.


love Hot Chip, and their new song and video, but im not quite sure why. The "i only want one night" bit is so catchy its unreal.

some mobile pictures

a smoking robot

a giant smiling robot

a fast bench



...Is the photo blog of one of the most awesome skaters . Jerry Hsu. with some hilarious observations on the world. should have a browse. HERE

some screenshots

from a project about getting school leavers into a career in undertaking.
based on the question, 'what can dead people do for you?'

also got a few more things they can do thought of but any suggestions would be helpful. or any opinions on the way ive done this. i'm still thinking whether i want the type like that or not..seems a bit over done and a bit too easy (lazy) if you get me...anyway.. carry on

this is fuckd up

the first alice in wonderland film.

Fashion is danger

an illustration idea

and some music : )

Messing around with bitmaps

love the fox one. gonna print it out big for my wall i think.

11th Dimension and making of

really interesting to see the thought process and behind the scenes of the music video.
Especially about the logos etc.

Found in My Mom's Basement

This blog is amazing for vintage advertising... Got everything and with handy bookmarks at the side in loads of different categories you can find all the racist/sexist/creepy vintage advertising etc. (along with some legit ad campaigns) you ever need.

(how many fingers has she got?)

- every one is a treat .. see em HERE

ho ho ho

im doing a project on getting teens into undertaking.

I found this video when i typed corpse into youtube,
and the woman at the end is one of my favourite things.

Also I feel really sorry for the woman who lived with her husband, obviously she was emotionally devastated when she realised he was dead. Or maybe shes just dead chilled out about it. (see what i did there!)

Women-know your limits!

Musical Interlude:

I love the divine comedy. so awesome

Father Ted is also awesome.

Cory Kennedy's wonderful horrible life.



how class is this?


in america ha


Alrighty there.. not posted anything up for ages because i've not been able to get online at my flat... the halls of residence limit internet a month... which is pretty sadistic i think. The internet needs to go socialist or communist or whatever one is against capatilist or whatever and we can all live in virtual peace and harmony. Speaking of virtual harmony i so this a while ago on one of my favourite blogs and it turns website code into music. Pretty cool i reckon you should try out a few. the more complicated the website the more complicated the music. the berrics is pretty good from what i can remember and too were the ones i tried .. anyway get involved with the code organ. HERE