This is...

Going to be bringing this blog to a close.

Really think it's about time.

It's done me proud through the final year of uni and year of rubbishy jobs, Taught me bits and bobs about Html, been a good little place to put things. But as I am soon to be moving house, and starting up a new job, I feel like I'm still hanging around in a part of life which has now passed, and I could do with a fresh start.

Maybe create a couple of blogs and focus them towards certain disciplines I really want to practice in my spare time.... who knows.

I do like documenting things I've made, so I'm sure I will start again somewhere else ont web. I will post up a link to wherever I roam to in the future.

So to all 17 of my followers..... I bid thee farewell.

I am thinking....

Got a new Job

In Edinbrugh! Stoked!

Developing an idea.

Stuck on a Puzzle

... As the one I caught when I saw your fingers dimming the lights...

Feel a right geek.

Super just geeked out over type. Watching the start of independence day it pans over a copy the plaque left on the moon in 1969. BUT IT'S WRONG! it has Helvetica as the typeface used when it should be Futura! OUTRAGEOUS!
Beast action film though,try not let this ruin it for you.

The best song in the world .... Again!

I've posted it before... and I'm sure I will again ...It just is brilliant... this version is amazing. got me so stoked!


You never know, you might feel liberated.


Just Messing around... Should really get on with some real work. Now!

Tame Impala

Weekend listening

Went to see the national tonight... so good.

I wish that I believed in fate
I wish I didn't sleep so late
I used to be carried in the arms of cheerleaders


Watching a film with people who ask questions about the film you are watching is totally gruelling... I could just tell you the whole film if you'd like.