I walked round a park through a forest and rolled down a big hill... and I've not slept. what



Heath Kirchart

I don't usually post a lot of stuff from other people here and I mainly want to focus the blog on my own work blah blah, however the new Alien Workshop video Mindfield was released recently, and it deserves to be an exception. It boasts some amazing skating all the way through, cool animations and a bangin soundtrack, but its Heath Kirchart's finale part that really makes the video for me. He destroys big handrails with amazing style and his kickflips are close to perfect, accompanied by Morrissey its one of my favourite parts in a long time, you should definitely check it out.

Heres Heath's great section in Sight Unseen, a Transworld video from 2001, 8 years ago!

Do the mess around

Just messing around tryin a new style out for the Tourists in the Warzone. Give me your thoughts on it please.