How to kiss a woman by Captain Kirk.


Just some hypothetical poster ideas. Because I recently downloaded Helvetica (the film), and because I have to constantly listen to shit radio at my shit job.


Revenge from Lernert & Sander on Vimeo.

I don't really know what this is about, but its badass.

God save

A little bit of some newish work that I'm quite happy with.
Meant to reference arts n crafts, William Morris a wee bit, although his work is unreal.

People are sick

Perfect for your wednesday morning, gruesome but just as interesting.
heres a list of torture devices.
So glad i wasn't born in the past.


Well that vow of silence lasted fuckin aages.
This is amazing to get on with work to, I especially like the stealth key.

Listen to a movie.

Gonna take a wee break from this blog.

Here's two awessesessooommee songs to make up for Robbie Williams!

Think im gonna take a wee break from this blog now . cos i aint got much to say at the mo.

Guilty Guilty pleasure.

I hate myself, But i think these two songs are good. not awesome. but good. Nobody's perfect.

Its my birthday on halloween btw

Really hope this goes down.
Location not confirmed yet though.

The second best song ever.

Ceremony by New Order/Ian Curtis.

The best song can change from day to day, hour to hour, minute to minute even, 2nd is concrete.

(sorry there's no video for it)

T shirts I want 1

Last Dinners

Alright this one was on "Its nice that", but I think its pretty affecting so i'm moved enough to hoover it off of there and repost.

Its a series of photographs documenting the last meals, of former prisoners on death row. The way all of it loses its appeal as food, and takes on a different meaning, and how simple the photographs are to create a powerful reaction is pretty amazing.

More from James Reynolds HERE, (check out his other work too some cool stuff)

Tiny People!

I Love this, really imaginative, and detailed, and creative, and almost unnoticable. You could have walked past, or stood on top of one of these. Imagine just seeing one randomly. It would make your day. Strain your eyes to see it HERE.

Seb Lester

Just have a look at some of his hand drawn pieces, really cool. I'm having a go at trying to do something similar, and stumbled across his website. I'm finding it really difficult, but if it looks anything like any of Seb's pieces I'll be very happy HIS WEBSITE HERE


An update to the logo for the skate/snowboard shop S4
(any opinions or ideas would be appreciated)

Music maestroo

Some stickers and a logo

some sticker ideas for the skateshop



An initial idea of an updated logo, (Sorry I've only got the tiny version of the old one) The underline is supposed to very subtly reference a board, like a human would be underlined by a board the logo is also underlined. Anyway any feedback or other ideas for stickers would be cool.

The breakfast club

Who isn't happy now they've watched that trailer. NOT ME!


I think i saw this on a while ago, but ive visited it a fair few times now, the nico remix and the lissy trullie cover of hot chip are my favourites, cool graphics too, who doesnt love vintage photographs? check it out here.