Tame Impala

Weekend listening

Went to see the national tonight... so good.

I wish that I believed in fate
I wish I didn't sleep so late
I used to be carried in the arms of cheerleaders


Watching a film with people who ask questions about the film you are watching is totally gruelling... I could just tell you the whole film if you'd like.

Some Stuff

I've had sketched for a little while and wanted to do something with.

Just finking.

Had an awesome night last night with my old friend Suz. Don't get to see him too much unfortunately, but when we get a talking we always hit upon very interesting topics and chew over them for a bit. Just had this phrase in my head from last night. (Although I like a good discussion, I'm not huge on posting my opinions on very complex topics on the tinternet, as I am undoubtedly under-sourced and over-opinionated on them, So I will just leave it at this.)

Also Listen to:

Down on Loving - The Soft pack
If My Heart Could Tell the Story - Edwin Starr
Half a Person - Smiths

and have a good sunday : )

Late Spring Clean

Bit of a late spring clean! Went hunting for all the duplicate files on my computer and deleted them. And transferred all my old projects and larger files onto my external harddrive. Feels nice! And now I have 40 more gb to fill up with pictures of shiny springs!


I've slightly changed the layout of my blog... marvel at the new lines breaking up my posts! Be amazed at the now borderless images! Get down to the fact I don't have a navigation bar at the top anymore! NOW look at these pictures I found saved on my desktop for some reason!

Poster for Concrete

Knocked this up tonight as a break from my other stuff. Prob not the same colours as the final one. I want to finish everything im working on up soon and get ready for me portfolio and to apply for more jobs!

Also I love the arctic monkeys new album, and I watched submarine the other night and then again yesterday and again tonight... It is good.

Oh my god!

I've just realised I'm going to have to listen to Cher Lloyds new song on repeat on the radio at work for the next few weeks!