Some photographs I've wanted to take for a while. (Between the click of the light and the start of the dream)



Type Experiments

I've been trying to brush up on my flash skills a bit.
so check this!

WE can see you.

wecnseeyuou from Graham Anderson on Vimeo.

20 minutes on flash procrastinating

I bloody love my mac


Alright folks.

Heres my student portfolio website. The work on there will hopefully be replaced soon by some much better 3rd year work, its all a bit average at the moment but its a start.

I've never made a Website before, I learned loads on Dreamweaver and actually really enjoyed playing with all the coding etc.
I'm Pretty happy with how it looks.

Do we need 'em?


Do we need 'em?

another 2

Heres another two quickies .I like all 4 of them so gonna hand em all in. Hope the monster one flys acually but I bet they dont want to be thought of for that one song forever. Even though they will.

An Automatic update

The final two that I'm going to hand in. Don't mind either of them really, so I hope they approve one of them.

Musical Interlude


Working on a poster for The Automatic Gig at the Brickyard. Has to be an image of the band and their own logo which is a bit annoying, so doing some safe (boring) ones n one or two that I like a bit better but prob won't be accepted. Here's some development.

I like the second one down best. I'll get me hands on the logo and do sum mowwa. Any thoughts welcome.

Crystal Castles

This is one of my favourite posters.
by Justin David Cox.
(His blog here and his studio's site here.)

Also, Crystal Castles are one of my favourite bands to come
out recently, they're radge as fk.
Here's two equally radge as fck videos to accompany them.

Crystal Castles - Air War from thee kip on Vimeo.

Through The Hosiery from Jason Zada on Vimeo.

I went to Spain earlier in the year.

Me and my dad and my dad's friend who owns a house in Spain spent 4 days travelling down through France, and Spain to a little town called Velez Rubio ( I think thats how you spell it). Along the way I convinced them to take a couple of hours in Barcelona, it seems like an amazing city. I got to skate the Universitat square and Macba. But alas we had to keep rolling, Me and a few friends are planning a trip there next year so I hope iI get back soon. Anyway I took a few pictures on the way on a rubbish larl digital camera. Some of them came out quite decent.