Claude lelouch's Rendezvous

Claude Lelouch's Rendezvous... from Dat on Vimeo.

"On an August morning in 1978, French filmmaker Claude Lelouch mounted a gyro-stabilized camera to the bumper of a Ferrari 275 GTB and had a friend, a professional Formula 1 racer, drive at breakneck speed through the heart of Paris.
No streets were closed, for Lelouch was unable to obtain a permit."

was in that snow patrol video, but this is the original and its amazing.

type experiment

just an experiment inspired by the guy who did these THERE IS studio -obviously his is unreal, but im just trying to figure out how he actually even did some of them,... mad skills HERE check out the archive too


this made me laugh also watch bill hicks talking about carrot top and gallagher pretty good.


such a dude

I love this cat

I love this guy.

All My Friends

I drew this on bebo ages ago on the arty wall bit..not sayin its good like,but i always loved how you could see your animated stop motion process afterwards. So i saved this one.

THE ORIGINAL VIDEO still think its awesome

noise is cool

and a little bit more messing around

just messing around

a piece of typography.

something i should have finished ages ago but im not! tit that i am!
If I had time I'd maybe have tried to make it more complex, or more, em refined i guess. oh well next time.

Random sketches

I ve scanned in some old doodles from some 1 or 2 sketchbooks.. more to come but my scanner is shit..

Vicar in a TUTU

For a project in uni, to interpret the lyrics of a song in black and white photography. Got my friend andy muir (definitely up for a laugh) to dance around in the cathedral gardens as a vicar in a tutu. But i love the old school contact sheet too.

Bat for Lashes - whats a girl to do?

saw this and then forgot about it for ages .. then remembered it again .. so im posting it!