One for the recession

Gonna have t get this bad boy on a t shirt,
try n make some money. Times (and Kerning) are tight.
Youd buy it yeah, or would that defeat the point?



Some cheeky illustrations I did in paris over summer.
I really like Anne-li Karlsson's illustrations, so I guess these were subconsciously ripped off of her.

see her stuff here , and a lot of other awesome illustrators too.

Celebrities off the Internet

Some quick sketches of Bill "ghost bustin ass" Murray and Scarlett Johansson. I need to practice noses and hands.
Incidentally I think Lost in Translation is definitely in my top 3 favourite films, if not top 1.

Fun Times

ha ha no thumbs up for you kully!
kickflip from Tony and I.
Tony nearly dies, nice little gap tho.