for my favourite sketch ever, so funny!

Cheer up

I have to admit with great shame that I have not seen Les Miserables, but I will someday even if its just so I can wear the T shirt. Bargain btw Barnardos for 1.99.

William Eggleston

Just caught the end of a documentary on this guy, I wish I'd seen the whole thing. I don't know a lot about him, I feel like a bit of an idiot because he's one of the most famous American photographers, anyway I think his pictures are awesome. you can see them here.

final ep choices.

Not to keep batterin on about these.. but I dunno found this one quite difficult for some reason. Anyway here's the final three choices I'm gonna run past the band. Theres also a card with band details to slip into the cover with the cd.

Nice Type

Cardon Copy, does some really cool typographic posters, re-designing neighborhood signs here

More Eps

Ok. This is the last day I've got these eps. After discussion with the band, I've just decided to have a bit of fun with them, and try and reflect the bands music and personalities. So I've just tried to make them look fun, and exciting, although I'm worried one or two look like a clowns exploded.. but ill get it sorted.. I like the second one with a little collage in as well as just the shapes. My idea was that the shapes and colours kinda represent a warzone.. but happy one.. (:S maybe) anyway tell me what you think?

Yann Tiersen

Is my favourite musician.

and another

Me mate andrew

One of me bestest mates n that Andrew got into the D&AD student awards book this year for this piece of illustration here. Big ups n that, and here's Andrews website, here. nice one

Urban Antics

My version


Well, This poster was the topic of many a discussion in the Graphic Design world of Carlisle, we always said we should just redesign it, print it and post it up over the original. So, For a larf, I had a go at it. (Blah - It's not perfect but the night's long gone and, well anything was an improvement tbh, The poster has finally had some love and attention and I bet it feels better for it, I know I do).

And another..

My favourite sketch.. maybe

Big Train

Made You Blink

haha lol


iVe got an iMac, iHappy

Second impressions of earth.

I m re-doing an Istd brief from last year, 78rpm to mp3, and i was just messing around a bit to get ideas, think its quite cool.

Daniel Eatock

Is one of my favourite graphic designers/general creatives. There's a wide variety of imaginative and clever stuff on his website, you should check out his work for the discovery channel (pictured) and his utilitarian greetings cards in particular, although any of the links will lead you to something interesting.