are animals which existence is disputed by science, like the loch nest monster and the yeti. I spent pretty much the whole of yesterday wikipediaing myself to climax over them. Some of them have been proven to exist, like my favourite, the megalodon, which is a fuckin MASSIVE shark which was alive in prehistoric times, but is now extinct..seriously it was huoige. Check the pic of the guy sitting in the reconstructed jaws.. that is serious!

I got onto cryptids from looking up "the bloop" which was a mysterious noise from deep under the ocean recorded by two microphones 3000 miles apart, which apparently shows the same patterns as a living beast, although the beast would have to be larger than any other on earth to be able to make such a noise. Some freaky stuff anyway.

This isnt really important, pretty much just meant to be a ramble on how awesome i think cryptids are. so there.

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