Right, I'm doing the channel x-brief for Istd. Essentially I have to name and brand a television channel. I just can not pin down a name that I like. .

top three options




The name would have to be versatile, and work with different genres and types of programme from "escapist to gritty to humanitarian to sensationalist".

I think all three of these words work in some ways as they can be associated with variety, Prism and Beam can also be associated with light. (which is a lot of what television is really.)

I think Poly sounds the best, but is it too generic, it is used a lot if you think about it, and is mainly associated with chemicals?

Prism is my top choice because it can work with the colour spectrum, show it being broken up into different sections (which could reflect the various genres) and conjures up images of geometric shapes which i could create type from. But I don't think it sounds very nice to say. I think it sounds too much like prison.

what do you think does it need to be meaningfull .. or is it a case of "whats in a name", i guess i could still do the whole splitting of colours etc with a different meaningless name???

top meaningless name ideas were GINO, yyy or iii.

anyway any thoughts would be helpful. I think i will go with PRISM if noone suggests nowt :) thanks folk.

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